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Satellite TV
Stabilized antenna systems for marine applications

TV reception on the seas throughout the world

Self-tracking 3-axis systems guarantee optimal reception, even under difficult conditions

The ship’s basic equipment includes satellite TV systems, which make it possible to receive TV channels almost anywhere in the world. Using sophisticated technology, the receiver systems are tracked in such a way that optimal coverage is guaranteed at all times for the TV sets on a ship.

Antennas are available in C-band, Ku-band or dual-band configurations, with some models offering global operation without the need to change hardware between broadcast standards. The diameter of the antenna reflector dishes range from 0.6m to 3.6m.

High-performance electronic control systems which have been tried and tested over years, including highly-precise accelerometers, make it possible to continuously calculate the position, direction and speed vectors of a moving object without the need for external references. This means you’ll get an excellent TV image, regardless of external conditions.


Loss-free transmission to the headend

The loss-free transmission of signals to satellite receivers is a matter of course for us. Four or more fibre optic cables transport them via transmitter/receiver units. As part of the process, the strength of the signal is permanently being evaluated in order to perfectly adjust the antenna reflector dish. For further processing of the signals, we offer IF distribution matrices in various sizes and IF networks for further on-site distribution.