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Control Room
Control room applications

KVM systems and video wall applications

Stay on top of everything and in control

In control rooms, you need to always be on top of everything and have secure access to every system at all times. Complex and large systems can be confusing and result in poor ergonomics. KVM systems help you to optimally network your computer systems and provide them with an optimised number of operating stations. The number of keyboards and mice can be sensibly reduced. Up to several hundred computers and workstations can be connected. The computer hardware can be stored in technical rooms and does not require space in the operator environment. Annoying fan noises will be kept away from users.

Our KVM systems require no hardware or software changes to the computer systems.

We’ll provide you with the right display to view your applications. Video walls and multi viewers are a useful extension for control rooms for showing content perfectly.


Tactic table

With a tactic table, you can operate your application via touch screen and freely arrange your operating windows on the display as required.

The display is designed as a table in stable housing, and the height and inclination can be adjusted electronically.

The image can be rotated 180° by the user via “one touch”.