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Conference and meeting room applications

Innovation, interaction, information

Intuitive operation and reliable functions

The mutual exchange of information through lectures, discussions and conferences is becoming increasingly important in the globalising corporate world, be that within companies and organisations with colleagues, or externally in constant communication with customers.

A company’s conference room says as much about the company’s innovative spirit as the entrance room. It isn’t just a bright, friendly atmosphere and select furnishings that determine a visitor’s first impressions; the technology being used also makes a decisive contribution to the overall picture.

We see to it that the conference and meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technologies that comply with the customer’s requirements and wishes. Whether it’s a TV, a monitor, a monitor wall or a video projector, an appealing PA system or pleasant lighting – we’ll procure components coordinated with each other and thus ensure sophisticated picture and sound quality for meetings, conventions, training courses and conferences.



Video conferences

Furthermore, the new video conferencing systems allow partners from all over the world to be involved in events virtually without having to travel long distances. Diskowski media systems help your event to run smoothly from a technical perspective.